CompCare Resources Incorporated: The optimal resource for your e-stim and rehab products.

CompCare is a national, leading low cost provider of electrotherapy products and supplies. With a proven track record and satisfied customers, CompCare is now pleased to expand its offering to include rehabilitative products and accessories.

CompCare Resources works closely with insurance companies, nurse case managers, third party administrators and clinicians to deliver appropriate prescribed products in the most cost-effective manner. Given the escalating costs associated with work comp claims, CompCare develops relationships with all parties with the express goal of treating the patient and reducing the costs to the system.

Above all, our competitive edge lies in our technical expertise that assures our customers that the claimant is receiving the appropriate device at the most competitive price. We are a resource for nurse case managers and disability management specialists by providing continuing education (CEU) through our certified training program; we confer with therapists on the proper use of the equipment, and if requested, we assist patients with training and fittings.

CompCare's success in working with all parties in order to meet the objectives of patient recovery, cost containment and dedicated customer attention has been our hallmark. We look forward to working with you!